All divers diving in Open water should be proficient in the use of Surface marker Buoys (SMB’s) a standard requirement in many diving locations especially in the UK, SMB use is designed as a device to improve diver safety, however improper use can be a real hazard.

The PADI SMB diver course is a dedicated course to develop knowledge and techniques for safe SMB use.

SMB’s/Delayed SMB’s are used in a variety of situations:

  • Alerting boat traffic to the presence of divers
  • Providing a visual reference for ascending divers
  • Facilitating efficient execution of safety stops
  • Marking location of ascending divers for pick up
  • Marking areas for mapping projects
  • Marking search areas for Search and Recovery operations

Course Goals:

  • To understand the value of having and using SMBs or DSMBs.
  • To introduce the potential risks, risk management techniques and the need for proper training when using SMBs or DSMBs.
  • To know the local protocols/requirements and demonstrate proper technique for using SMBs or DSMBs


  • PADI Open Water diver or equivalent,
  • 12 years plus of age.
  • Complete a Continuing Education Administration Document. If you answer yes to any questions on the Medical statement, you must complete a full PADI Medical form and a GP must sign page 2 of the document before we can do any in water activity. Failure to do this may result in you being sent away until the form is completed.
  • Be up to date with dive skills by either completed a Refresher or have logged dives within the last 6 months in your logbook.

Dives: 2 dives in Open Water


  • All equipment, including SMB and Reel (it is advised that you purchase your own SMB and reel to practice with the equipment you will use after the course. Available for purchase at Gatwick Scuba)
  • Certification

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